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Supply Chain & ManufacturingSupply Chain & Manufacturing

Use supply chain and manufacturing operations to create winning strategies

At Foxstride Consulting  we guide clients through the design and implementation of operational strategies that will stand the test of time, while creating agility and a product portfolio that is commercially and operationally optimized. An interdisciplinary approach—drawing insights from commercial, marketing, IT and digital, and product design—helps clients to unlock next-level productivity gains.

Transform manufacturing processes for better productivity

Foxstride Consulting  help organizations to significantly boost both productivity and effectiveness of core processes, through offerings that encompass everything from digital diagnostics to plant transformations, order management, asset productivity, predictive maintenance, resource-production manufacturing, and lean warehousing.
  • Supply Chain Management

–Supply Chain Visibility Creation

–Supply Chain Illumination, Surveillance and Resilience Determination

–Supply Chain Risk Identification and Node Optimization

–Strategic and tactical purchasing and sourcing improvement

–Contract manufacturing model assessment

  • Manufacturing

–Global footprint optimization and rationalization

–Manufacturing operations cycle time improvement

–Rework, downtime, scrap elimination

–Remanufacturing throughput enhancement

–Pull Systems design and implementation

–Advanced Manufacturing Implementation

  • Digital assembly and machines, Digital maintenance, Digital performance management, Digital quality management
  • End-to-End Order fulfillment cycle time reduction
  • Distribution operating model analysis

Disruption based stocking strategy right-sizing

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